Wednesday, November 27, 2013

December 3rd : National Day of Fasting

In the midst of a fight for Immigration Reform, activists across the nation have gathered in front of the Capitol Hill to demand Congress' action. Activists have set up rows of tents where they have been fasting for the past two weeks. Various immigration advocacy groups, religious leaders and youth leaders are among these activists who are trying to pressure Republican leadership in the House of Representatives to act before the primaries kick in next year. The activist group aim to halt the deportation of non-criminal immigrants who have family members living in the Unites States, and to provide pathway to citizenship for children who were brought here without fault of their own.  Immigration system, in its current state, requires substantial fixes that will improve the immigration system itself, as well as the lives of immigrants who are living in this country both legally and illegally. The immigration Reform bill, known as S.744 in the Senate and HR.15 in the house, failed to overcome the political gridlock that has been dominating the American legislative branch. Despite the political obstacles, however, activists and their supporters is not giving up the fight. The immigration issue, as the founder of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in his interview, is one of the biggest civil right issues of our current time

In solidarity with activists who are fasting in front of the Capitol Hill, this upcoming December 3 Tuesday will be declared as the National Day of Fasting. Anyone who is willing to participate can pledge to fast for 24 hours to show their support for the fasting activists and for the Immigration Reform.

For more information about Fast for Families events, visit or click this link.

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